On my machine (Gaggia Accademia), when I set it to use the 3 beans dosage setting, I get quite a bit of what I am assuming to be overflow.  There will be close to 1/4 cup of dry coffee grounds on top of the internal drip tray, to the right hand side of the brew group each time I empty the drip tray and spent coffe pucks.  Is there an internal setting for grind time.  I would like to have the full range of adjustment (1 to 3 beans) and not waste coffee.

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Thank you for your post.  Some coffee grounds in the area around the brew unit is normal-static electricity does pick up some grounds with each brew.  However, it definitely sounds excessive-dial the setting on the grinder one notch coarser, and that should clear up the problem.  Always remember to make adjustments to the grinder while it is grinding!

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