Baratza Vario inconsistent grind

I have a Vario grinder that I have had for several years. Most of the time it does okay. But, more often than I would like, the grind gets "off." My "normal" espresso grind will suddenly be too coarse or my "normal" drip grind will be too fine. I use the grinder daily for both espressor and drip so I am switching the setting between the two everyday. It is more of a problem with the drip grind being too fine. Anyone have any input? Right now I have it calibrated in such a way that I can't calibrate it much coarser or it will not be fine enough for the espresso. The way it is set up now, I am using the coarsest settings to grind drip and it is coming out too fine a lot of the time. I saw something about steel burrs that were available for the Vario that would help with coarse grind, but on the Baratza webiste it says "not for espreso." I paid a lot for this grinder and really don't want to have to get another one to use for coarse grinding.

I was wondering if the "adjuster" could get stuck and not allow the burr to drop down for coarser grind?

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Heidi, thank you for your post.  It is possible-going from one grind to another on a regular basis can allow a grinder to get out of calibration, and oilier beans can contribute to the problem if you are using them.  I would probably suggest grinding enough for a few days worth of one type of brew or the other, sealing it in an airtight container for use, and then grinding fresh for one or the other.  That way, you are not making the switch so often, and won't have to re-calibrate so frequently.

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