I just got my Gaggia New Baby espresso machine yesterday. I am a complete amateur and I know I have no clue at what I'm doing but I'm hoping you can help me with the following questions:

 - When doing the first brewing flush, should the filter be in the portafilter? Does the partafilter even need to be hooked up? (I have seen people just do a quick flush after the machine has reached temperature but don't have the portafilter even though the instructions do say to have it hooked).
 - How to get hot water vs. steam? (still can't figure this out yet)
 - When cleaning up the machine for the day (or shutting it down for the day), should the knob on top be open to allow steam to fully empty?
   - If this is needed, should the machine be ON or OFF?

   - I guess a better question would be, is there a proceedure that needs to be followed when shutting the machine off to help it continue to perform well and stay healthy?


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With the flush, do not have the portafilter in the machine, if using the special pressurized baskets.  You will get alot of water left in the portafilter.  You can if using the commercial basket and I actually like to because it transfers heat to the portafilter.

To get steam- you will depress the far right button, let the machine heat, make sure steam wand is over drip tray open for a second to get excess what out of the wand, then close, place wand in the milk and re open steam valve to steam.  After you are done steaming, without portafilter on the machine, hit the first button, the brew button, this will refill the boiler after steaming.  You only need to have on for a few second(until water comes out brew group)

To get water out of the wand, you would open the valve on the top(without steam button on) then turn on the brewing button and it will pump out the wand.

-You should not drain the steam daily.  This will leave the boiler near empty and when turning on the machine the next day will cause for a dry boiler and over heating.(See steaming- after steaming turn off the steam button) Close valve, then hit the brew button for a few seconds to refill brew boiler.

No shut down procedure other then if steaming is the last thing you have dont, to rememeber to refill the boiler before shutting the machine off.

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