"Rapid Steam" is slow steam, not rapid

I recently purchased a Gaggia Syncrony Logic "Rapid Steam".  When I pull the steam lever, it squirts about an ounce of water for about 15 seconds, sputters for another 10-15 as the boiler finally heats up, then steams.  This is annoying, Seems contrary to advertising.  And requires another container to dispense water into (or into tray with frequent changes).  No answers from support either. Is this normal or do I have a defective unit?  This is no more efficient than my old one burner unit. 

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WIth a rapid steam boiler, most machines (the Syncrony Logic included) start the frothing process with a purge of the water circuit; This totals just about 1-1.2oz of water in most cases.  Other than that, the total warmup time in my experience is typically about 10 seconds including the purge.  You would then close the knob, re-orient the steam wand, and resume frothing into the cup or pitcher.  This lead-up is largely and is largely due to the machine needing to fill the boiler with water such that it can heat up without cracking or fracturing--While this heat-up may match the time it takes for a small-boilered machine to reach operating temeprature, the performance of a rapid steam machine equals to that of a machine with a boiler many times larger.  Additionally, you do not need to cool the boiler down after brewing and can jump immediately from steam to brew with no need to allow the temperature to settle--There's no mandatory post-steam purge or burned/super-bittered coffee to worry about.

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