I want to order the pressurized basket pin and the SS panarello wand sleeve and the bottomless portafilter. Will the order be held untill the bottomless portafilter is available?

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Thank you for the question.  Yes, the order will be held until the portafilter comes in.  I will check on the portafilter again.  As I thought they were coming in next week.  I do have a question for you.  If you are getting the bottomless portafilter, you would need the pin?  Do you have a good burr grinder?  As you would need a good grinder to get the bottomless portafilter to work correct as it only uses a commercial basket.

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I'm still learning how to pull a proper shot. I want the pin to help me pull shots while I'm learning. I do want to be able to have a sip or two during this period so I use the pressurized basket to get that sip. . I almost lost the pin I have in the garbage disposal while rinsing the potyafilter after a shot. I have a Baratza Preciso grinder which is doing a good job. I intend to use the portafilter to help me learn how to use the machine. Thanks for asking.

  Hal       Jun 12, 2014 12:43PM
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