After almost 6 years and over 6500 cups we got problems with our Gaggia Titanium. It say that a group is blocked and so I first took out the brewer group, cleaned it and checked the video on this site. It works as it should be. The gear, behind this group, stands in the right position. Then I cleaned up the grinder and put everything back together. All of this didn't fix the problem. Does anyone has a tip or better...the solution. 

What exactly happens: After switching on the machine makes a test round, but it sounds if the water can't go out. After a few seconds the machine stops and say that the group is blocked.

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Thank you for your e-mail. If this happened when using the preground coffee function, it means that too much coffee was dosed into the brew unit. The scoop that comes with the machine for the preground coffee is a little too large if you fill it all the way. You want to use less than a full scoop to prevent this error.

If this happened with the built in grinder, then my first suggestion would be to clean and calibrate the grinder, but you have already done this. You might want to try backing off the aroma setting so that it is more towards the minus and see if it still throws the same error.

Since you said that this happens when you just turn the machine on as well, I suggest thoroughly rinsing the brew unit off with cold water and then clean out any grinds you find in the brew unit chamber. See if you can get to the main "Select Product Ready For Use" screen after doing this. If you can, try running a preground coffee shot without adding any preground coffee. This will run just plain water through the system. If this completes successfully, then your grinder is dosing too much coffee out. If it doesn't complete the cycle, then there is any issue with the brew unit's positioning, or an issue with the brew unit motor.

If these suggestions don't help resolve the behavior, please call our Technical Support at 1-888-411-5282 option 3. Our Technical Support representatives can help you troubleshoot the machine further.

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