Is the Double spout separable from the filter handle? Looks like it should unscrew for making one cup. Can't unscrew it 

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Thank you for your question. Yes, this spout is unscrewable, and can actually be switched out for a single spout. The spout is pretty firmly attached when you receive the portafilter from the manufacturer, so you might need to secure the portafilter with a c-clamp and use a wrench to unscrew it. The spout is normally threaded, so counterclockwise should loosen it.

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The reason they are hard to unscrew is because Gaggia uses Loc-Tight or similiar product so that the double spout remains in a fixed position. Beside the method listed above, I prefer to find the closest fitting phillips (or similiar) screw drive that will pass thru the center diffuser hole (the small hole where the coffee drop into the splitter section) and then using a heavy towel on the counter for levelerage I screw off by using the screw driver handle and the protafilter handle. No matter the method, the spout can be damaged a little or even until it is unusable. I've done this at least a couple dozen times. It seems to help if you soak the portafilter several times in boiling water. I think it starts to crystalize the Loc-Tight and weaken it. I only surmise this because the first times I did this was on used portafilters and it was easier than when I did it later on new portafilters. I always remove the double spot on a new portafilter clean and replace w/o Loc-Tight so that I can quickly change between double or single spout. If you need single spout, you can use the portafilter sans spout just fine. The coffee will sputter around a little but not too much. I'm still looking for a suitable single spout to screw on to the Gaggia portafilter. I may end up making some.

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