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Adam asked the question Gaggia Titanium Inconsistent Brew Times

This is a follow-up to the last question I posted on the same topic: Thanks, Shane, for responding to that post. But I'm still curious if anyone has experienced inconsistent brew times for the three presets. I still regularly see a difference...

almost 3 years ago
Adam answered the question Gaggia Titanium Inconsistent Brew Times

Thanks for the response, Shane. I'm currently at 4 on the gind, and two clicks away from the highest strength. I'll try out your settings too - appreciate the feedback! Do you get consistent brew times each time? That's the part that confuses me the most, because it leads to inconsistent results. Even though I set the...

about 3 years ago
Adam asked the question Gaggia Titanium Inconsistent Brew Times

I've had the Titanium for about two weeks now. The first thing I did after setting it up was adjust the preset brew time for the "small" coffee. In pursuit of the Golden Rule of 2oz in 20-25secs, I adjusted the grind settings and dose amount a bunch of times. After dumping a lot of shots (especially since the manual...

about 3 years ago
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