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Blondie answered the question Warranty & Misc.

Hi there just to add to what Maggie says I have used this machine for "a cup of coffee"  which is basically an americano.  In my opinion this is better than anything you can get with a traditional drip machine.  With a drip machine you get the bitterness that comes that traditional cup of coffee.  With espresso the...

almost 3 years ago
Blondie answered the question flowering tea

Hi there Roxy Nick is correct you will need to boil your water then slowly pour over the flower in your pot.  Most people do not realize that you can make up to 5 pots of tea with this one flower.  What I love to do once the flower is spent for tea is to get a nice wine glass and pour cold water in to the glass and a nice accent for a...

almost 3 years ago
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