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chen answered the question could not start my ECM Technika IV

Hi Chase, thank you for your suggestion.  I do not see manuel valve under the machine, and the rocker has been turned to the right position.  This afternoon, all of a sudden, water come to boiler,  both green and yellow are on now, but water remin cold.  What is happening?

almost 3 years ago
chen answered the question could not start my ECM Technika IV

Thank you, Sanfam, for your quick answer!  Yes, I thoughthe water tank could cause the problem, and have removed the tank and re-attached it with a firm press, same problem has remained.  I have switched the machine on and off, same problem stays.  Perhaps I should call your technical support.  All the Best, Xiaowen

almost 3 years ago
chen asked the question could not start my ECM Technika IV

just bought one ECM Technika IV, could not make it to work, power is on, seeing both green light and yellow light on at the same time, and the noise, then yellow light off, the nothing happening., not hat water, pressure was still on the 0,   Anyone can tell me what to do

almost 3 years ago
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