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david asked the question Why

I've written 2 reviews on this product and have not seen one,

about 3 years ago
david answered the question wondering why

Whole Latte Love sent me a shipper for the one machine I bought from them but Jura wouldn't. Technical support sent me to Jura which sent machine number 2 that wouldn't work either. I was told Jura does their own technical work I was not impressed.

about 3 years ago
david asked the question wondering why

Why do I have to pay for UPS to pick up defective machine that never worked right out of the box in fact I have 2 of them and niether ever worked and you want to send me another I'll go broke sending them back.I just want what I already paid for without having to pay extra or my money back. Not happy with the way you do business.

about 3 years ago
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