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paul asked the question vertical chute?

Is the exit chute, through which grounds pass, entirely vertical, or is there a horizontal segment? Also, are the burrs stainless steel, or some other metal/alloy?

over 1 year ago
paul asked the question never mind

sorry, got confused, no arm with this item. wish there was a way to delete the question...

about 2 years ago
paul asked the question also the arm...

Thanks, Sanfam. Sorry, I forgot to ask about the arm itself- I suppose it's SS, as well?

about 2 years ago
paul asked the question What metal(s)?

Is this La Spaziale steam arm made of stainless-steel, or is it chrome plated? Also, the tip?

about 2 years ago
paul asked the question Flat or convex?

That's it- pls add this info to Overview.

over 2 years ago
paul asked the question Tips for disassembling stuck Gaggia Classic boiler?

I have the boiler out of machine, but the 4 allen-head bolts holding top & bottom together are locked tight. I've gotten them out before, but this time is much worse. I've used WD40, BlasterPB, no luck. Bearing down with more force is causing the bolt head to begin to crack allen key to twist. Before I ruin the bolts...

over 2 years ago
paul asked the question which metal(s)?

Is this steam tip chrome or stainless? If used to steam anything acidic, chrome will eventually dissolve away.

over 2 years ago
paul asked the question How many pods are there in a box???

(That's all I want to know, but site won't let me post unless I write more 'detail', so that's why I wrote this)

almost 3 years ago
paul answered the question Can this use grounds to? .or just E.S.E. pods?

It's certainly not designed to work with grounds. Even if you were sufficiently motivated to diy a method (I did so with the Wild, similarly off-design), I cannot imagine futzing with the setup, or managing the mess, during a pitstop. Anyway, if you're not grinding on-the-spot, any potential taste deficit of a high-quality pod would...

almost 3 years ago
paul answered the question Is there a 10 adaptor for using it in a hotel rom.

Unfortunately, the nominal 11-12 amp draw is tough to find in a 110VAC-12VDC power supply. Even if a relatively-common 10A supply would work (possible), they are not particularly cheap (~$40+), portable (have an onboard cooling fan), nor ready (still need to add a car socket adapter). For hotel room, probably better to think Handpresso Wild,...

almost 3 years ago
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