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Antonino Tumeo answered the question Low pressure on Gaggia Classic?

Thanks for the suggestions, looks like you figured it out correctly. It looks like that I somehow did something wrong (not sure what, the shot where I experienced low pressure was, paradoxically, with the "safe settings", where I returned after the early morning shot with finer grinding - not much, just 1 notch down with the MDF...

over 2 years ago
Antonino Tumeo asked the question Low pressure on Gaggia Classic?

Hi, for some strange reason, It seems that my Gaggia Classic suddendly lost pressure... I poured a shot early morning and everything went right. I tried to pour another shot a couple of hours ago and suddendly pressure was much lower. Grinding in the second shot was actually a little coarser (I use Illy whole beans), with the same tamping. Any...

over 2 years ago
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