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Escali Vera Precision Digital Scale

By: Escali
Escali Vera Precision Digital Scale Base
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Escali's Vera Precision scale balances precise measurements with high capacity for a versatile all-purpose scale. You can measure up to 4.4lb (2 kg) of ingredients, while the scale itself is compact and easily stored or packed for travel.

When measuring for brewing methods the Vera can be set to record in several different increments. You can also tare the weight of a container to obtain the weight of just its contents. For brewing methods that require more exact quantities, the following increments are available to ensure precision brewing:

  • 0.01 oz (0 - 18 g), 0.1 oz (18 - 70 oz)
  • 0.1 g (0 - 500 g), 1 g (500 - 2,000 g)

When you're finished measuring, the scale is easy to clean thanks to the removable stainless steel top and the buttons are sealed to prevent damage from accidental spills. Should you forget to turn it off, the Vera has an automatic shut-off function to ensure long battery life.

Ships with 2 - AAA batteries included.

Product Specifications

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