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Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder

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Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder Base

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Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder Base
Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder

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    The Mazzer Mini was originally designed for commercial use but with today’s high-end kitchens and discriminating customers, the Mazzer Mini has moved into the home. If you’re looking for a grinder that can grind to any specification such as espresso or drip coffee, the Mazzer Mini with its infinite adjustment lever can do it with ease. It is very quiet due to its direct drive system. With a super strong 250 watt motor it will not bog down under load and will last a lifetime. The Mini can be adjusted to dispense anywhere from 5.5 grams to 9 grams with each pull of the dispensing handle. The Mazzer Mini is now available with the timer control. The timer can be set for up to 60 seconds of continuous grinding. This is also a safety feature as this grinder is nearly silent when running without beans in the hopper. You will not be able to leave it on by accident. The large 58mm burrs are made of 100% Swedish hardened steel and are known as the best in the industry. They are easy to access for cleaning and better yet, very easy to recalibrate after cleaning. The bean hopper can be removed with the beans still in it allowing you to easily swap beans. It weighs 22 pounds, is incredibly well engineered and is the type of equipment you would be proud to have in your home or business. Please note that most grinders are tested at the manufacturer and coffee grounds may be found in the grinder as a result. All machines sold are new unless otherwise clearly stated. Available in Silver w/ Timer or Black w/ Timer.

    2 year limited warranty through Whole Latte Love.

    Features & Benefits: Coffee

    Heavy Duty Construction

    The frame and body is made of a one-piece heavy die cast aluminum. This ensures long lasting durability for the finish and cuts down on what little noise the motor does make.

    Infinite Grind Settings

    The Mazzer can grind from super fine to very coarse. With the infinite grind setting adjustments you can adjust the grind as little or as much as you want with ease.

    Heavy Duty Motor

    The Mazzer was designed to handle a commercial load, but due to its fine craftsmanship it has found its way into the home. The motor draws 250 watts and is a direct drive style that operates at 1600 RPM. It is so quiet that when operating without beans you can barely hear the motor. As a safety feature the Mazzer Mini has an overload switch that turns the machine off to prevent any damage due to foreign objects getting stuck in the burrs

    Top Quality Grinding Burrs

    The grinding burrs on the Mazzer Mini are made of a special Swedish hardened steel measuring 58mm in diameter. These burrs are of the highest quality available. Due to their hefty size they can grind large quantities of coffee quicker while imparting very little heat to the freshly ground coffee.

    Easy To Use Controls

    The Mazzer Mini comes with a timer. The timer is a knob on the side that you turn to set it to run for up to a maximum of one minute.

    Short Hopper Design

    The Mazzer Mini comes with a short bean hopper to provide more room to fit underneath your kitchen cabinets. The shorter design gives the hopper a height of just 4 inches when in place, but it still has a hefty capacity of 1 lb. The bean hopper is made of durable clear plastic, and can be removed while the beans are still in it to make it easy to swap them out. The Mazzer Mini's grounds container also has a large capacity, holding up to 7 ounces of your freshly ground coffee.

    Dosing Grinder w/ Tamper

    The Mazzer Mini is designed to dispense the ground coffee directly into any brand of espresso machine portafilter. The amount of coffee that it will dispense is adjustable from 5.5 grams to 9 grams with each pull of the dispensing handle. The handle is coated with a soft rubber and is built for the long haul. You won’t have to worry about any part of this grinder wearing out. An optional built in tamper comes with every Mazzer Mini that you can install on the front of the grinder if you wish.

    Easy Access for Cleaning

    To access the burrs for cleaning you won’t need any tools and only takes a minute. Just turn the adjustment lever clockwise until the whole adjustment lever and attached brass burr hold comes off. You can then see the grinding burrs for cleaning or inspecting.


    Product Specifications

    Manufacturer Part Number:
    UPC / EAN:
    Depth (Inches):
    Width (Inches):
    Height (Inches):
    Weight (Lbs):
    110V-120V (US)
    Power Cord Length (inches):
    Power Cord Storage:
    Recommended Application:
    Home / Residential, Commercial
    NSF Certified:
    Housing Material:
    Aluminum (Cast)
    Housing Color:
    Stainless Steel
    Frame Material:
    Aluminum (Cast)
    Type of Controls:
    Foot/Leg Height (inches):
    Tall Legs:
    Grinding Method:
    Dispensing Method:
    Clearance Height for Portafilter (Inches):
    Recommended Grind Selection:
    All Grinds
    Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type:
    Grinder Drive System:
    Direct Drive
    Grinder Burr Type:
    Flat Stainless Steel
    Burr Diameter (mm):
    Bean Hopper Material:
    Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz):
    Separate Ground Coffee Container:
    Ground Coffee Container Capacity (Oz):
    Doser Capacity:
    Doser Adjustability (Grams):
    Number of Grinder Settings:
    Grinder Features:
    Easy Access to Burrs
    Removable Bean Hopper:
    Programmable Grinding:
    Bean Hopper Freshness Lid:
    Sound Level while Brewing (dB):
    Sound Level while Grinding (dB):
    RPM (Burrs):
    Maintenance Alerts:
    Recommended Grinder Cleaner:
    Urnex Grindz Grinder Cleaner
    Manufacturers Warranty Period:
    2-Year Limited Warranty
    Warranty Service Provider:
    Whole Latte Love
    Warranty Service Provider Email: