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MG Coffee Tools Smart-Tamp in Brown

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The science of brewing espresso has been a driving force behind a plethora of intuitive and innovative creations for some time. For those who pursue the perfect shot, a harmony of technique and technology are often vital to their success. MG Coffee Tools' Smart-Tamp offers a new approach to measuring tamp pressure. Rather than being calibrated to indicate a specific tamping pressure, the Smart-Tamp provides real-time pressure feedback between 12 and 42lbs. The pressure display is located at the base of the handle and is both large and color coded in three segments (12-20lbs, 22-32lbs, and 34-42lbs) for more intuitive reading.

Knowing precisely how hard you're tamping allows you to more easily correct any mistakes you're making and also provides the peace of mind that you aren't tamping to light or too hard. As a final touch, the tamper comes packaged with two interchangeable 58mm threaded bases (1 flat and 1 convex) that can be swapped out based on your preferences.



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