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Rocket Espresso Mazzer Mini Electronic Type B Coffee Doser-Grinder

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Rocket Espresso has a fundamental culture of building excellent machinery using the best available components, top grade materials, and thoughtful no-nonsense design engineering. They have mastered this philosophy and easily recognize it in other manufacturers. One such manufacturer is the coffee grinder maker Mazzer, and Rocker Espresso has teamed with Mazzer to co-brand a line of Rocket Espresso-Mazzer grinders to complement the Rocket Espresso line of semi-automatic espresso machines. This new line has polished bright finishes and the famous Rocket Espresso badge, but all of the components are Mazzer through and through.

The Rocket Espresso-Mazzer Mini Type B Doser-Grinder is especially formatted for the Barista grinding single or double doses directly into a portafilter for brewing espresso. When you set a portafilter into the rest it will engage the grinder when you give it a slight bump and deliver a pre-set single or double dose of coffee grinds. A single bump delivers one dose – a double bump delivers a double dose. This allows you to single handedly load your portafilter. The dose size pre-sets are adjustable by turning the appropriate dosing dial behind the portafilter rest with a small screw driver. Of course you can manually override the dosing presets to grind coffee for drip or French-press brewing, or to experiment with different dose sizes. With its infinite adjustment lever it has the capability to grind to any specification from fine espresso to drip to coarse French-press coffees.

The Rocket Espresso-Mazzer Mini Type B Doser-Grinder is very quiet due to its direct drive system. With a super strong 250 watt motor it will not bog down under a heavy load and will last a lifetime. The large 64mm burrs are made of 100% Swedish hardened steel and are known as the best in the industry. They are easy to access for cleaning and better yet, very easy to recalibrate after cleaning. The bean hopper can be removed with the beans still in it, allowing you to easily swap beans. It weighs 22 pounds, is incredibly well engineered, and is the type of equipment you would be proud to have in your home or business, and its finish and nameplate complement Rocket Espresso machines.



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