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Pellini Caffe Naturally Decaffeinated Espresso Break ESE Pods

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Pellini Caffe Naturally Decaffeinated Espresso Break ESE Pods comes to you from the quality obsessed coffee roasters at Pellini in Bussolengo, Verona Italy. The genuineness of their products are evident in the attention of each step in the production process; from the experts who hand select the best Arabica beans in the world to the constant sensory product analysis made with the Panel Test (Pellini is one of a few in Italy to adopt this rigorous method), Pellini brings to its consumers a truly unique and unmistakable award-winning coffee. Pellini, the 5th largest coffee producer in Italy, believes the perfect cup of espresso is a symphony of harmonious flavors and savory aromas.

Pellini coffees are certified kosher and produced in facilities that are ISO9001:2008 Certified for quality processes and the coffee beans are IMC certified for compliance with organic farming standards set by the Mediterranean Institute of Certification.

The convenient no-mess Pellini Caffe 44mm Naturally Decaffeinated Pod are 7 grams each and come in bags of 50.


Pellini Coffees are Certified Kosher Pellini processes coffee in an ISO certife facility Pellini Coffee is certifed by the Mediterranaean Institute of Certification to be in complaince with standards for organic farming. Pellini Coffee is organically grown.



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