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Gaggia Platinum Vision Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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The Gaggia Platinum Vision uses a Rapid Steam boiler system, utilizing a stainless steel boiler so you can switch back and forth between brewing and steaming in mere moments, without lengthy cool down or heat up time in between. This system provides the power behind each shot of espresso, fine tuning and perfecting the temperature. As for the water pressure, the Gaggia Platinum Vision provides a maximum of 15 bars of pressure, more than what you’ll need to pull each shot.

Because the Gaggia Platinum Vision isn’t about getting what you need—it’s about getting what you want, and what you deserve. As you choose and program your beverage using the black and white touch screen, remember this: luxury is the true heart of espresso.


SA Fan asked:

Recently purchased a Gaggia Platinum Vision machine. The cup warmer is set to "always on" but the plate is barely warm. What temp should the warming surface be? How can I tell if it's working properly? Any way to troubleshoot?

Thanks for any suggestions. 

Answer by Sanfam:

The cup warmer on these models heats to roughly 80-82 degrees fahrenheit.  It's a low-draw heating plate.  The always-on mode is designed to basically eliminate the ten to fifteen minute lag between powering the machine on and having fully heated cups, as ambient temperature in most homes is a much cooler 65-72F.   

jsilver asked:

We've had our machine for about 2-1/2 years.  Generally makes very good coffee.  A couple issues, and it's been back to WLL twice since we've owned it.  All seems well now.  

Recently, it seems the grounds have not been coming out as "pucks" of coffee, only loose grounds (even wetter than whe we use the bypass doser).  There's a buncha sludge in the bottom of the grounds drawer, but no coffee pucks.  Any thoughts?

Answer by Sanfam:

Typically speaking, sludgy pucks mean that the grind is too fine, the extraction is too short, or the coffee is too oily.  Any of these three factors are where I'd start looking, with Grind being the first place I'd check.

Emily asked:

We've had our Gaggia Platinum Vision for about two years, which we only really use for coffee (no espressed/steamed milk drinks).  We've been good (as far as we know) about maitenance and running descaling cycles with the Gaggia solution about every three months. Recently, the machine started "spitting" coffee out slowly, which takes forever to brew a full cup. Still tastes great, and every 10th cup or so seems to brew at the usual rate with a continuous drip. Not sure what else to check/do aside from another descaling cycle (just ran one a week ago when the problem first started). 

Answer by Sanfam:

First and foremost, you may want to try a slightly coarser grind setting.  Using too fine of a grind setting could cause the brew unit or spouts to plug up with sludgy coffee.  

Second, when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned the brew unit and ran the machine thorugh a brew unit wash cycle using a cleaning tablet?  While Descaling removes scale buildup from the boiler, it doesn't clean the brew circuit of the machine.  This is where Brew Unit Cleaning Tablets are used.  These tablets can be found here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/gaggia-coffee-clean-tablets-cfae181c-1f2a-4170-85fc-1f00acf75f21

If all else fails, your machine may need to come in for service.  I'd suggest trying the first two options before pursuing that direction.

Answer by Emily:

Thank you for your response! I will try both. Wasn't even aware of a wash cycle seperate from a descaling cycle, so that could very well be the problem.

Cami asked:

I bought this machine as a birthday present for my husband late August/September. I went to turn it on yesterday and the screen stays blank. Nothing. One beep like it is turning on but nothing. 

Answer by Erik:

I am very sorry to hear that.  This is an issue that should be directed to our technical support department at 1-888-411-5282 option 3 to troubleshoot

i have the machine for a few years now and suddenly the grinder stops working. I got the wrench and turning on/off doesn't resolve it. I tried to get all the beans out but the grinder is going very slowly andmakrs a sad sound. I try using the bypass doser to at least get a coffee but it either tastes very weak or it says dispensing failure and wastes another round of beans. I have ALWAYS used dry beans (mostly lavazza) and am very frustrated at this time. The machine was way to expensive to throw it out already. Most of the time it's only used once a day. Please help!  

Answer by Sanfam:

With grinder problems, these sort of problems typically cascade "down" into the parts related to brewing and dispensing..  While there's normally a number of things I'd recommend to tackle the individual symptoms, the fact that here are several problems happening all together lead me to suggest sending the machine in for professional service for a proper diagnosis.  While it may have been fed quality beans (Everything Lavazza carries is perfect for Super Automatic use), it's still possible one or more parts of the grinder may have worn out or failed.  The final indicator is the Wrench error, a "something went wrong" message.  If you can send over an error code, we can potentially dig deeper into the problem.

Basically, If it's under 6 years old, give tech support a call to discuss repair.  There's just a bit too much going on that requires more than simple cleaning or troubleshooting can address.


I have the problems above (excess water in grounds tray ) and weak coffee---just recently. I did some maintenance (descaled, put cleaned the brew group and did the tablet in the the bypass doser). It looked like the gsket on the brew group might be going. Other parts of the brew group looked like they might be out of alignment but after cleaning looked right. Do you sell replacement brew groups? Or gaskets? Thanks. 

Answer by Sanfam:

While we do sell replacement brew units as a whole, you're likely better off picking up the Gaggia Brew Unit Service Kit (found here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/gaggia-brew-group-service-kit ).  This kit includes the o-rings and lubricant necessary to replace the aged seals on your existing brew unit, as well as properly lubricate the slides to ensure that everything is able to move to the brew position correctly.

dave asked:

I often get the error message to add beans to the hopper, even when it's got plenty of them. Usually the best fix is to swirl them around in the bin before trying again. This usually works, but sometimes I have to repeat the process a few times before it figures out there actually are beans. The current beans are not excessively oily.

Is there something that can be adjusted on the machine that might decrease the frequency of this error?

Answer by Louis-Jordan:

Thank you for your question. You mentioned the beans are not excessively oily. Beans going into this machine should not be oily at all. The machine also does not accept oily, flavored, or caramalized beans. If your beans are shiny at all, or feel even a little bit sticky or slippery, they are not suitable for this unit and will cause this behavior. A nice dry  bean should be rough feeling, and should looks rather dull with almost a matte finish. If you are certain the beans match this description, then  you might just have a clog in the system.

If it turns out you have a clog, you'll want to take all of the beans out of the hopper, and then vacuum it out as well as possible. Then you want to remove the brew unit, and vacuum out the chute where the coffee grounds drop down. It will look cylindrical and it sits right above the brew unit. If this doesn't work then the machine might have a dosing or grinder issue and would need a repair.

Michael asked:

Can i purchase the cleaning tablets from Wholelattelove? in addition the cleaning solution?

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:


Thank you for the question.  We sell all the products to clean and descale this machine.  Please contact us in sales and we would be more then happy to help you.  1-888-411-5282 option 1

bnotch asked:

A friend of mine recently purchased a used, Gaggia Platinum Vision espresso machine. The sender did not include a few of the parts/accessories and was just wondering where I could get them. One of the parts that did not come with the machine is the ginder adjustment key. Can I order the key online somewhere?? The second thing that is missing is the bypass doser coffee scoop. I do not need a replacement for this but am wondering how many grams of coffee to use in the bypass doser? Thanks in advance for the help!

Answer by Maggie:

The grinder adjustment key for the Platinum machines is actually on the end of the pre-ground coffee scoop that comes with it for use with the bypass doser.  However, we do have them available for purchase.  The part number is GA-146680850, and the cost is $6.32 each plus S&H.  To order, please contact Technical Support at 1-888-411-5282, option 3.  

Al asked:

My machine doesn't warn me when the bean hopper is empty. It just trys to brew anyway and produces a murky cup of hot watter.


Am I missing something or is the machine broken?

I do get warnings for filling water tank, empying bins etc'


Answer by Maggie:

Sometimes, if you have been using darker, oilier beans, this can happen-the burrs never touch, so the machine never registers that it is out of beans.  There are a few things you can try-get a really light, dry bean and run that through it for a few days, which should absorb the oils on the burrs and cause it to register again.  Alternatively, take all the beans out by hand and vacuum out the grinder chamber and the bypass chute, then let it air dry overnight with the top off, then add in a handful of beans to test.  Should that not clear up the issue, it would need to come in for service. 

Answer by Al:

Thanks. I switched to Illy Medium Roast coffee beans and sure enough, after a few cycles, it started detecting the empty hopper again.



Hooligan asked:

Just curious, I have a water treatment system for my tap water (salt, and iron remover to get out the red) is this water ok to use? (haven't noticed a taste difference) and will i need to decale more often with this type of water or just the normal routine decaling?

Answer by Steven:

Are you saying you've installed a water softener, or an inline water filter? Both effectively soften hard water - a filter removes the disolved calcium, whereas a water softener generally adds salt to the water which binds to the calcium ion, preventing them from sticking to the inside of your kettle etc. Both I would have thought would mean less descaling, but your supplier should be able to advise as to whether the water is drinkable or not. Generally, I would assume, the answer is always "yes" if it's simply an inline filter whereas if it's adding salt to your water, that could increase your salt intake which may not be preferable due to health issues.

Therese asked:

Machine does not pump water

Answer by techkathy:

Therese - Call tech support at 1-888-411-5282 option 3. We can try some troubleshooting over the phone

Myron asked:

Machine was left on overnight. "fix problem " doesn't!

Answer by techkathy:

Myron - Are you getting an error code number?

Emil asked:

Hi Guys I just wondering if you can
assist me with my error on my coffe machine
We use Gaggia platinum vision coffe machine
and recently got error message fill a water tank on display!
Any sujestions will be apriciated!

Answer by Maggie:

Try removing the water tank, filling it completely, keep it out for about a minute, and then putting it back. If that does not clear up the issue, please call us at 1-888-411-5282, option 3.

Ray asked:

I have a Gaggia Platinum Vision and I now get an error message with a picture of a wrench often. It says to restart to fix the problem. This usually works but I was wondering if anybody knows how to fix this issue as my machine is no longer under warranty. Thanks.

Answer by Maggie:


Are you getting any kind of error code? Please call us at 1-888-411-5282, option 3, and we may be able to assist you.

Ray asked:

I have a Gaggia Platinum Vision and I now get an error message showing a Wrench. It tells me to turn off and turn back on to fix the issue. This process seems to work most of the time but how do i fix the problem so i dont have to restart the machine everytime i want to use it? My machine is no longer under warranty. thanks.

Answer by Maggie:

Is it giving you any kind of error code? What is happening when you get the error (are you pressing a button to brew, using steam, etc)? Please feel free to call us at 1-888-411-5282, option 3, and we will be happy to go over some troubleshooting with you to try and correct the issue. It is always easiest for us to troubleshoot if you are able to be with the machine when you call.

Lawrence asked:

I have had this machine for about 8 months. It did work great. Today, the grinder does not work so it just produces water. Any ideas on how to fix it? User manual does not have troubleshooting guide and barely mentions the grinder.

Answer by techkathy:

It is most likely clogged. You can use a vacuum to clear the grinding chute. Scoop out all the loose beans and turn the grinder setting to the coarsest grind. It will open the burrs up a bit. Then place your hand over the bypass chute opening. Try to make a seal. Then use the hose tool from a vacuum to clear out the grinder. Place the vacuum in the same area where the beans fall down inside of the machine.

Answer by David:

Have a Saeco  odea giro about 5 (?) years old.  IT will not turn on.  It wouldn't turn on yesterday, but eventually it did go on, and recycled and worked all day.  It got turned off overnight.  Now it will not turn on.  We checked the power all the way to the machine, and it is hot.  

Jason asked:

What does the Espresso Plus dial actually change to adjust the strength of the shot? Dosage and the amount of water is changed in the menu. Does espresso Plus change the brew time? Thanks!

Answer by techkathy:

The dial restricts the flow of water through the coffee. It slows the flow of the coffee imitating a tighter tamp on a semi-automatic machine.

Andrea asked:

My Gaggia Platinum Vision is about 2 years old. Now every time I try to make a cup of coffee the first cup does not come out. Instead the water comes out the steam wand. Then subsequent cups of coffee work. Any ideas?

Answer by techkathy:

Andrea - have you tried descaling the machine? The solenoid may be sticking on the first cup. If descaling doesn't help, I would recommend having the machine come in for a repair.

Kevin asked:

Recently, my Gaggia Platinum Vision seems to have given up the ghost. The machine will not make coffee, or even advance to the main menu. Upon cycling the power, I can hear a couple of clicking / clunking noises (which are louder if I turn the steam knob on), then the message "dispensing failed" flashes on the screen, followed by the wrench and "restart to solve problem" message. Restarting does nothing but repeat that cycle. Also, I get this message whether I have the brew group inserted, or not (trying to troubleshoot). I have maintained the machine per instructions, have lubricated the brew group and checked for free movement, cleaned the grinder, brew head, and descaled within a couple weeks. The machine seemed to be working fine until this problem occurred. Any chance this is user serviceable? I love fixing things myself.

Answer by Sanfam:

Kevin, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, this isn't something with a terribly straightforward solution. The repeated "clicking/clunking" sound typically indicates that the water flow actuators are not fully triggering, suggesting that problem could be electrical, either stemming from a bad CPU or a bad power board. In any case, this is something that could conceivably be undertaken, wouldn't be easy and could easily become expensive and/or prove futile. While I'm often the first to suggest opening things up and poking around, this is a case where a trained technician is best able to sort things out. Given the problem, I would advise sending this machine in for service at this time.


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