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DeLonghi DCF212T Coffee Maker

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Essential Info:
The DeLonghi DCF212T 12 cup drip coffee maker features a 24-hour programmable digital timer, with two hour automatic shut off.
This way, your coffee is ready for you when you get up in the morning, and you don’t have to remember to turn it off before you leave. Adding to the DCF212T’s convenience is its complete front access feature – you don’t have to move the coffee maker to add water or grounds. For great tasting coffee, brew after brew, DeLonghi included the aroma button, which ensures that the finest flavors and aromas are extracted from your coffee grounds.

Located below the carafe, the control panel features an easy to read digital clock.
To the left of the clock are white buttons for on/auto/off and set timer. Above the on/auto/off button is the red on/auto indicator light. To the right of the clock are white buttons for set clock and aroma – above the aroma button is the aroma indicator light. The control panel is made of metal, so it stands out from the black housing of the DCF212T.

To brew, add coffee and water to the machine and press the on/auto/off button. The red light illuminates, and the display reads “Brew", indicating the coffee maker is in operation. To program auto start, press and hold the set timer button until you reach the desired start time, then release the button. The time will flash for a few seconds, showing that it’s set, and then return to showing the time.

Complete Front Access:
It’s easy to fill the water tank and ground coffee filter without moving the entire unit. Just open the front door to add water into the reservoir channel, and add grounds to the coffee filter.

Aroma Button:
The aroma button activates a unique brewing process that enhances the flavor and aroma of your coffee. To reach this rich flavor, the coffee maker advances through several continuous cycles. During the cycles, water is released into the filter basket in 30-second intervals. This special time-release process saturates grounds little by little to extract the best flavor and aroma, without over- or under- saturating any of the grounds.

Cup Storage Tray:
Brewing coffee into a warm cup helps preserve its temperature, so you can enjoy it longer.
The cup storage tray located on top of the DCF212T warms cups, as well as provides a great display for your favorite mugs. The cup warming tray is also a great way to save space in a kitchen or office.

Non-Stick Warming Plate:
Besides keeping your coffee hot, this resting plate is easy to wipe down and clean.
Remember to unplug the machine and let the warming plate cool down before cleaning.

Permanent Gold-Tone Filter:
The included permanent gold-tone filter prevents even the finest grounds from reaching your cup of coffee.
Durable and long-lasting, this filter can be cleaned by hand in warm water to keep your coffee tasting its best.

Water Reservoir, Cleaning, and Storage:
The water reservoir is accessed by opening the front door.
It is located to the side of the filter basket, and we recommend using the carafe to fill it to the proper level. The body of the machine can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth – no cleaning solvents are required. The DCF212T also features cord storage.

The DeLonghi DCF212T comes with a detailed instruction manual, 1 year warranty, gold-tone filter, and coffee scoop.



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