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Saeco Exprelia

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The design of the Phillips Saeco Exprelia is modeled on extensive interviews with Italian baristas who shared the essential secrets to perfect espresso: At least 7 grams of high quality coffee beans. Accurate grinding; not too coarse, to permit best moistening, nut not too fine, and with a grinder that doesn’t overheat the grind. Consistent pressing of the ground coffee, to enable careful extraction at 15 bars pressure of all the aromas with the perfect brewing flow. And at the finish, a smooth hazelnut-brown créma, to protect the aromas and let them burst forth at first sip.

Did the Exprelia design team meet the expectations of the barista interviews? Yes! And then they wrapped that capability in an elegant stainless steel skin, added double boilers, state-of-the-art automatic controls, and produced the fully automatic Exprelia. Fantastic!

The Exprelia fulfills the desires of Italian coffee lovers. The integrated automatic milk function creates the perfect milk foam for a Cappuccino and thanks to the patented Saeco Brewing System (SBS), coffee lovers can change the flavor and intensity of every cup according to their personal preferences – from mild to strong. With the large LCD screen and seven control buttons that line the sides of the display, the Exprelia has a clear interactive presence for ease of use and rapid customization.



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