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Bodum Chambord Gold French Press

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When Attilio Calimani first patented the French press little did he know the many refinements the coffee press would undergo until it came under the wing of the Danish Bodum designers. Using a borosilicate double-walled glass carafe, stainless steel casements, silicone seals, and bakelite handles, Bodum has brought the French press to its pinnacle of beauty and functionality. The classic CHAMBORD shape and the gold finish of the Bodum Chambord Gold French Press make it not only the best French press you will ever own but a beautiful work of art for your coffee service. The Bodum Chambord is spill proof thanks to its tough glass encased in a stainless steel casement and the silicone gasket connecting the lid. The cool-touch bakelite handle lets the coffee flow into the cup with a simple one-handed push of the lever. All of the components are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Available in 12-Cup and 8-Cup capacities.

12-Cup model dimensions: Depth 5.39” Width 8.07” Height 10.63”
8-Cup model dimensions: Depth 4.5” Width 7.25” Height 10.5”



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