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Refurbished Gaggia Titanium SS Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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What’s the buzz about the Gaggia Titanium SS Super-Automatic Espresso Machine ? Stainless steel. Just like the original, the Titanium SS has a stainless steel-lined brewing boiler and separate steaming boiler, a stainless steel front panel, and a stainless steel Turbo Frother. But this edition has even more of the good stuff – it features an entirely stainless steel housing perfectly complemented with the original’s electric blue LED display.

Inside the elegant exterior of the machine, you’ll find the 2 boilers, which allow you to switch instantly from brewing to frothing with no down time and provide excellent temperature stability. And brew you shall. The Titanium SS’s 3 brewing buttons are each programmable to dispense the exact amount of coffee you set them to, so get what you want every time. In addition, the SS allows you to choose to use anywhere from 6 to 9 grams of coffee in each brewing cycle, grind the coffee at your choice of 18 grind settings, and even offers the option of adding preground coffee to the bypass doser instead of using the whole beans in the hopper. Topping off your drink with steamed or frothed milk couldn’t be easier either – the hardest decision you have to make is whether to use the stainless steel Turbo Frother or the included auto frothing attachment.

For further customization, you can select any one of the 5 temperature settings listed in the Titanium’s menu options. From this menu, you also have the ability to program auto on and off times, see how many cups the machine has brewed, turn the actively heated cup warmer on and off, control pregrinding and prebrewing, choose from 8 display languages, and more. You can scroll through each of your options as they appear on the brightly lit LED display, where you’ll also receive messages when the 60oz removable reservoir or 8.5oz bean hopper need to be filled, when the dump box needs to be emptied, or when the machine needs to be descaled. And with the Titanium SS’s removable brew group, routine maintenance is a snap.

The Gaggia Titanium SS comes with a 7 gram coffee scoop, a grinder cleaning brush, and a water hardness test strip.



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