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Saeco Milk Island Automatic Frother

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The Saeco Milk Island is a convenient automatic frother that is specially designed for use with Saeco’s Talea line of super automatic machines. The Milk Island is easy to connect and remove, making frothing, pouring, and cleaning a snap. To use, just connect the black hose to the steam output on the bottom left side of your Saeco Talea, place the glass carafe filled with the desired amount of milk on the base, and turn the steam knob to the Milk Island icon. In just a few moments, frothed milk will be ready for pouring.

The Saeco Milk Island has a glass carafe, black plastic handle, base, and spout. It can hold up to 13.5 oz of fresh, cold milk and is only compatible with Saeco Talea super automatic espresso machines.



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