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Pellini Caffe Espresso Sampler

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Package Includes
1x Pellini Caffe Aroma Oro Whole Bean Espresso $28.99
1x Pellini Caffe Gran Bar Oro Gusto Whole Bean $24.99
1x Pellini Caffe Top 100% Arabica Whole Bean $33.99
Value: $87.97


Pellini’s flagship espresso, Top 100% Arabica, features altitude-grown coffee to yield low-caffeine, well-balanced and aromatic drinks. This dark-roast espresso has been carefully prepared to ensure that it is full-bodied, yet never bitter. Aroma Oro Whole Bean Espresso is a premium Arabica-Robusta blend that delivers silky smooth, créma-rich espresso. It has been carefully prepared using a delicate dry roasting process to highlight a well-balanced flavor profile. Gran Bar Oro Gusto is a full-bodied, 80-20 blend of Arabica and Robusta whole bean. It delivers exceptional créma and a balanced body. Gran Bar Oro Gusto is smooth enough to be enjoyed as an espresso but also does a good job of standing out in milk-based drinks including lattes and cappuccinos.

This Pellini Caffé whole-bean espresso sampler package includes:



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