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Espressione Cafe Retro Espresso Machine

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The Café Retro espresso machine sparkles with the looks and sound construction of the good ol’ days, but features some of the latest innovations desired. So even if the semi automatic conjures a nostalgic feeling, convenience and efficiency allow this espresso maker to keep up with today’s fast-paced life. Perhaps best of all, the machine is easy to use and affordable.

Espressione is a well-respected Italian company with three decades in the industry, and the experience shows in its attention to detail. The smart design includes an adjustable steam wand and hot water dispenser that leaves plenty of room to fit different sized cups beneath it. A durable lever operating the wand works like the arm of a slot machine and gives you great control when steaming drinks. When used for steaming milk, the attached “Maxi Cappuccino” frothing device makes creating a light and fluffy froth easier for those new to the craft. The Café Retro also includes two different types of portafilters, one a pressurized version that lets you pick and grind your own beans before brewing, and the other a portafilter designed for the Easy Serving Espresso system. This system helps reduce cleanup because the portafilter uses pre-packaged pods of espresso served in single shots. Other clever features include a slender drip tray with a handle for easy removal, a cup warmer with rails to prevent cups from falling, a removable stainless steel drip grate, and a housing compartment for the cord.

Inside the machine, the 24 oz aluminum boiler is durable and heats up rapidly. A vintage-style temperature gauge on the front panel reassures you the boiler is hot enough for making quality drinks. The sturdy inner workings of this espresso machine will help make the Café Retro part of your espresso experience for a long time to come.

The Retro is available in four catchy colors—red, orange, silver, and black. Other accessories include single and double-shot filter baskets for the ground coffee portafilter, a 7g coffee scoop, and tamper.



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