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Gaggia syncrony logic rapid steam
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Refurbished Gaggia Syncrony Logic Rapid Steam

By: Gaggia
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Redesigned for 2013, the venerable Gaggia Syncrony Logic makes a triumphant return to the modern market. Sporting all of the same features people fell in love with, this updated version boasts a new boiler for faster performance. Inside the Syncrony Logic sits a stainless steel lined, aluminum J-boiler, coupled with a separate steaming boiler. The Logic's brew group is designed with the same dual stainless steel screen group found in the Gaggia Titanium. The end result is a heavy-duty, hard-working machine, that is made easy to use by its intuitively designed push-button control panel.

The Logic has a simple control knob on its front panel that lets you select the liquid volume of espresso you’d like to brew from 1oz to 8oz. You can use this in conjunction with the 6 to 9 gram adjustable dosing and 18 grind settings to craft a drink that’s custom made for your palate. Alternatively, you can brew using pre-ground coffee by using the bypass doser. Lastly, the Logic's rapid steam boiler allows you to transition between brewing and steaming without delay.

With regards to steaming, the Logic includes an all-new automatic milk frother based on Gaggia's original Cappuccinatore. With an ergonomic design for easier positioning over your cup, this new frother is designed with a cyclonic chamber for superior micro foam and hotter milk. 

Even cleaning and maintaining the Logic is quick and easy. Unlike many super-automatics, you don’t need to remove the drip tray or open a door to access the dreg drawer, it simply pulls out of the left side of the machine. The Logic is also mounted on a swivel base, providing easy access to other components, like the removable 58oz capacity reservoir, 12oz bean hopper, and removable brew group.

Housed in a matte silver ABS plastic, the Gaggia Syncrony Logic comes with a 7-gram coffee scoop and cleaning brush, weighs 20 lbs, and measures 15.35" L x 15" H x 13" D.


ChristinaC asked:

Is there an extended warranty available on this refurbed Gaggia unit at the time of purchase either through your company or an approved third party? If so, can you provide pricing, terms, and conditions of such an extended warranty?

Thank you in advance, 

Christina Colucci

Answer by Sanfam:

While we do offer an in-house Extended Warranty on some Gaggia products, it is not available for standalone purchase at this time.  Any product featuring an extended warranty will feature it as part of its bundled products.  

Do you guys buy back coffee machines or do swap trade?  I bought a Gaggia Syncrony from you and I pretty much like it, but it is very loud.  Master is downstairs next to Kitchen, adn wife does not like the noise:)  Would you take it back on a swap, adn what would you recommend to replace?  Looking to go up, alos dont like how "plastic" the Gaggia Syncrony is.

Answer by DanMoraldo:

Unfortunately we do not have a trade in program here at WLL.  We might suggest possibly posting your loud Synchrony machine for sale on craigslist though. As for a replacement, you may want to go with the much quieter unit like the Gaggia Accademia.  It is a true one touch machine with ceramic burrs in the grinder and a stainless steel housing.  Give me a call to discuss in further detail.  My name is Dan and I can be reached at 888-411-5282 ext. 5153.  I am happy to help.  


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