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Danesi Caffe Espresso Decaffeinated Whole Bean Coffee in Bags

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Danesi Caffe Espresso Decaffeinated Coffee is blended and roasted in Rome Italy of washed Arabica and Robusta coffees carefully selected to create a robust espresso with a rich flavor. It is made using the natural Swiss water system-based decaffeination process which preserves critical flavoring elements and maintains the coffee beans taste properties unaltered. Available as whole bean in 2.2lb bags or in or a case of 150 single-serving (7gram, 45 mm diameter) individually wrapped E.S.E. pods.


ISO 9001 certification logo for Danesi Caffe at

Danesi Caffe is one of the first companies in its branch of industry to obtain ISO 9001 quality process certification for “the development and production of roasted coffee beans”.



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