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Paradise Roasters Espresso Trio

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Package Includes
1x Paradise Coffee Roasters Espresso Classico $12.95
1x Paradise Coffee Roasters Espresso Nuevo $12.95
Value: $25.90


Enjoy three premium espresso blends from Paradise Coffee Roasters. You’ll get one 12-ounce bags of each of the following espressos: Havana, Classico and Nuevo. Havana is a dark-roast blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran and Guatemalan coffees that delivers intense earthy, chocolaty flavors. Its companion, Classico, is a medium-roast espresso consisting of Brazilian, Ethiopian, Indian and Central American beans. You can expect fruit-based notes from Espresso Classico, which has earned 92 out of 100 points from the Kenneth Davids Coffee Review. Rounding out the trio is Espresso Nuevo, a dark Central Italian roast espresso featuring Sumatran, Colombian and Brazilian coffees. Nuevo has earned 95 out 100 from the Coffee Review. All of the blends in this espresso trio has been micro-roasted for maximum freshness.



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