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Gaggia Espresso Color Espresso Machine

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The fire engine red ABS housing of the Gaggia Espresso Color may be what makes it stand out on your counter, but the crema-topped espresso it brews will be what makes it stand out in your memory. Gaggia has outdone itself again – the Gaggia Espresso Color features a stainless steel boiler for top notch heat retention, while its pump produces a maximum of 15 bars of pressure to ensure that your espresso is brewed properly. Add in a portafilter with single shot, double shot, and pod filter baskets, and you’re ready for sophisticated, convenient, and great tasting espresso.


Avi asked:

Hi there, is the Gaggia Espresso Color capable of making espressos and lattes that are HOT? There is nothing worse (for me) to have a lukewarm latte (or any other coffee). Thank you, Avi

Answer by mjackson:

Yes this machine is very capable of creating a hot beverage. You have control on how hot you want to make the milk as it steams very well. It will also brew a proper espresso as well. The Gaggias are tough to beat.


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