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Mazzer Super Jolly Auto Grinder

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A great deal for serious home baristas, the Mazzer Super Jolly Auto is built to commercial standards but still manages a compact design and an affordable price. Its virtually infinite grind settings let you find the perfect fineness for espresso, drip coffee, or French press, and changing the setting is as easy as turning the grind adjustment disc. This disc is located right below the clear plastic hopper that can hold up to 2.7 lbs of your favorite coffee beans, meaning you can grind plenty of espresso before you have to refill. The Super Jolly also features 64mm hardened steel grinding burrs that can grind at up to 1600 rpm, thanks to the powerful 350-watt motor.

The main feature of the Super Jolly Auto is its automatic grinding switch. This switch can be turned on to have the grinder run until the doser is filled. In high volume environments, this eliminates the need to grind as frequently by helping to keep the hopper full at all times. The automatic feature can be switched off when not in use or not desired to allow manual control of the grinding. To help keep your brewing consistent, the Mazzer Super Jolly Auto has an easy-to-use doser that can hold up to 280g (0.7 lbs) of ground coffee. With a quick pull of the dosing lever, you can dispense a pre-set amount of coffee (between 5.5 and 9 grams) right into your waiting portafilter.



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