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Gaggia Achille Manual Espresso Machine

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The designers at Gaggia know a good thing when they see it. Just one look at this lever operated espresso machine and you’ll journey back to the golden age of espresso, when Gaggia founder Achille Gaggia was king. This vintage-looking espresso machine is a real throwback, and with its cylindrical body, stainless steel housing, and domed water reservoir, the Achille is sure to grab your attention.

To operate the Achille, simply raise the lever on the front of the machine and a piston inside the group is raised, allowing water under pressure to infuse the coffee in the filter holder. When you lower the lever, the pressure causes the piston to force water through the coffee and into your cup. And with the Achille’s easy-to-use Turbo frothing wand, your friends will not only be impressed with your old-world brewing skills, but also with the decadent, creamy froth you are able to create. When you have a Gaggia Achille on your counter, it makes a bold statement: you are serious about making coffee. The Gaggia Achille comes with both single and double shot filter baskets, as well as a tamper.


daniel asked:

It seems that even on the finest setting, my grinder just isn't grinding the beans fine enough. The flow rate is too fast and I have lost the crema that I was getting when I had the beans ground for me. Does that sound right? As far as solutions, is "the perfect crema" insert a viable solution to this? Does this rubber insert affect the taste of the espresso? I would like to buy a new grinder, but do not want to spend more than $50. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

I would recommend a more powerful grinder that can offer a consistent, finer grind. Many grinders under $50 can grind for the occasional espresso, but should be used primarily for drip coffee and French press. Prices for heavier-duty espresso grinders start at about $70, and usually have a low-speed, gear-reduction motor or a low-speed, direct drive motor. For an espresso grinder that can offer the consistency that you need to get the great shot that your espresso machine is capable of providing, you should consider the Gaggia MDF. This is the grinder designed to match Gaggia machines. For more information on the different types of grinders, please read our article I have attached below, titled "Coffee Grinder Buying Guide."As an alternative, you could buy vacuum-sealed containers and have someone grind your espresso into those for you to try and keep your ground coffee as fresh as possible.In regards to your question about the perfect crema device, it has been discontinued due to its inconsistency, as it required quite a bit of adjustment before it yielded ideal results. For the best espresso, follow what we call "The Golden Rule," which I have attached for you below. One final note- if you haven’t already, I recommend investing in a 58mm tamper. This will also help you to get a more even shot.

adelina asked:

From the image, I don't see the frothing wand?

do I have to wait from brewing for this machine to cool down before I can froth the milk?

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

The Achille does have a frothing wand that’s mounted on the right side of the machine. Gaggia also built this machine with a heat exchanger boiler, so there’s no wait time between brewing and steaming.

Karen asked:

How easy is the new Gaggia Achille to use?

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

Like all manual espresso machines, the Achille does have a bit of a learning curve to it. This is because the barista - you - controls the rate at which water flows through the ground coffee in the portafilter by using the brewing lever. Everything else about the Achille is just as easy as any semi automatic. It has a Turbo Frother that makes frothing easier and a heat exchanger boiler so you don’t even have to wait for the machine to change temperature when you’re switching from brewing to frothing. So once you get brewing down, using the Achille will be a breeze.


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