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Baratza Preciso 685 Coffee Grinder

By Baratza

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With the Baratza Preciso, micro adjustments let you fine tune the grind for optimal results when brewing espresso. Like its predecessor, this model has 40 grind settings. However, with the addition of 11 micro adjustments, you’ll be able to tweak fineness levels in between each of the 40 settings to adjust your grind. Alternating between French-press coffee and espresso (and everything in between) has never been easier.

The Baratza Preciso is built to perform like a commercial grinder. It features 40mm conical burrs, hardened for a lifetime of reliability. You’ll have the option of activating the grinder using a push-button control or a timer; the versatile Preciso can grind a single shot or large batches with ease. This unit features a 5oz ground coffee container with anti-static device as well as a PortaHolder that allows for hands-free operation. Despite its sophisticated capabilities, the Virtuoso is exceedingly user friendly, making it ideal for the home.

40 Grind Settings and 11 Micro Adjustments

The detail-oriented Preciso allows you to choose from 40 grind settings to achieve the desired coffee fineness and consistency. It has also been upgraded to include 11 micro adjustments for increased user control. Of the 11 micro adjustments, each range is equal to one step of the macro settings (40 grind settings).

Conical Burrs

The commercial-grade 40mm conical burrs have been designed allow the grind to drop directly into the coffee container to prevent waste. The Preciso’s outer burr can be easily removed, without tools or specialty equipment, for hassle-free maintenance.

Push Button and Timer Operations

A push button, located on the front of the machine, lets you activate grinding operations. If you wish to do other things while the Preciso is grinding, you can take advantage of the integrated timer; just set it to the desired grinding duration and the machine will automatically stop once the cycle is over.

Gear Reduction Motor

The Preciso has a 480-watt gear reduction motor that operate the burrs at 450rpm. The slow speed minimizes heat transfer during the grinding process to preserve coffee flavor and aroma.

Bean Hopper and Coffee Container

The 8oz bean hopper can be removed for simple cleaning and maintenance. The Virtuoso Preciso also has a 5oz ground coffee container. You can grind into the container, which holds enough grounds for a full pot of drip coffee, or remove it to grind directly into a portafilter.

Antistatic System

The Preciso features an Antistatic System for mess-free operation. This system is designed to keep you from ending up with coffee dust during the grinding process; it will also prevent the grind from sticking to the internal components of the machine.


This versatile grinder has a durable, scratch resistant body that is built to withstand everyday use. The top and base of the machine is made of nickel-plated metal.

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