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Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser

By: Bunn
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Suitable Environment

UL Certification Mark NSF Certification Mark



This Bunn machine will require a professional installation, which we can arrange for you at the time of purchase. Prior to installation, you will need to submit the electrical and plumbing requirements (both found in the product manual) to a general contractor, electrician, or plumber as well as your code enforcement officer to ensure the compliance of your facility with the needs of this machine.

Product Manual

Single Hopper Model Prior to serial number FMD0013000
Single Hopper Model Starting with serial number FMD0013000
3 Hopper Model Prior to serial number FMD0013000
3 Hopper Model Starting with serial number FMD0013000

Electrical Specifications

  • 2-wire plus ground configuration
  • Available Voltage: 120 volt, single phase
  • 15 amps
  • Please note: Plug is NOT included with the machine

Plumbing Requirements

  • 1/4” flare or quick connect water inlet fitting
  • 1/2” Cold Water Supply Line between 20 and 90 psi
  • Bunn recommends 3/8” copper tubing for all installations from the 1/2” water supply line.

Suitable Environment

Suitable Environment

With the Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser, you can create creamy cappuccinos, hot chocolate or other powder-based drinks at the touch of a button, so it’s a perfect fit for self-service operations. The machine blends powder mixes and water to create the product of your choice, ensuring a consistent and lucrative addition to any business. Great for convenience stores, cafeterias, and other places with customers on the go, this Bunn food service machine is low maintenance and efficient, producing up to 4.3 gallons of hot drinks per hour. The Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser is available in single hopper and 3 hopper models, each with high-speed internal mixers, automatic rinse cycles, and adjustable legs and drip trays.


The Bunn Fresh Mix dispenser is a simple and customer-friendly machine. Users can choose the amount of liquid dispensed by pushing and holding the button above the dispensing nozzle, then releasing the button when the cup is 2/3 full. Liquid will continue to be dispensed, emptying the mixing chamber and filling the last 1/3 of the cup. Programming the machine’s powder and liquid dispensing rates will take a more advanced knowledge of the machine, but directions on how to alter the settings are detailed in the easy-to-follow user’s manual. All of these settings can only be accessed by removing the front or side panels on the machine, so customers won’t be able to change your preset amounts.



  • The Fresh Mix Dispenser is available with a single 8 lb hopper, or with three 4 lb hoppers.
  • Both the single and 3 hopper models have a production rate of 4.2 gallons per hour.
  • The Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser has a programmable powder-dispensing rate of 1.5 to 12 grams per second, so you can alter it to create the best taste for each product.
  • This machine is preset to dispense 9 to 10 oz of liquid per second, however this can easily be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • This Bunn machine is fully plumbable, so you never need to refill the water tank by hand.
  • The adjustable legs and drip tray on the Fresh Mix Dispenser can accommodate cups up to 20 oz, so you can offer small, medium, and large sizes for your customers.
  • A simple, automated rinse cycle can be run at any time with just the flip of a switch and the push of a button, so mixing chambers can be kept clean and fresh.
  • An attractive, lighted front display on the Fresh Mix Dispenser will draw customers in and keep them coming back.
  • An easy-to-clean drip tray will ensure a tidy beverage area and spill-free operation.
  • NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Dimensions:
    • Single Hopper Model: 31.5”H x 8”W x 21”D
    • 3 Hopper Model: 30”H x 11.5”W x 23”D

Feature Details

Hassle-Free Instant Drinks

If you want to quickly create rich cappuccinos, hot chocolate or any other instant drink for your customers, there’s no need to buy a large espresso machine that requires grinders, pitchers, tampers, and frothers. The Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser is a low maintenance, easy-to-use machine that will produce great profits at a low operating cost. Plus, the Fresh Mix Dispenser can produce a drink in a matter of seconds, so there’s minimal wait time for customers.

Programmable Powder Dispensing

If the factory settings are not creating the ideal combination of powder and water for your needs, the Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser gives you the control to increase or decrease the amount of powder dispensed by each individual hopper. To change the settings, use the Rinse/Run and Increase/Decrease switches located behind the front door of the machine. After placing the Rinse/Run switch at the center programming position and placing the Increase/Decrease switch in the desired position, you can add or subtract 2 ½% of the hopper’s motor speed, thus increasing or decreasing the amount of mix dispensed.

Customizable Flow Rates

You can also perfect the flavor of your beverage by altering the water flow rate on the Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser. By removing the left side panel of the machine, you can rotate the knob underneath the solenoid valve for the hopper of your choice. This will increase or decrease the rate of water that is passed through the solenoid valve.

Rinse Timer

It’s important to keep the mixing chambers clean to ensure a fresh, quality product at all times. When the rinse timer on the Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser is enabled, the LED rinse light on the front of the machine will flash if a rinse cycle hasn’t been completed in over 8 hours. After 12 hours, the light will stay on continuously and the hoppers will not run until a rinse cycle is performed.

Large Powder Hoppers

The hoppers on the Bunn Fresh Mix dispenser can be easily accessed by lifting a lid located at the top of the machine. The single hopper model can hold up to 8 lbs, while the 3 hopper model can hold up to 4 lbs in each hopper. With capacities this large, there’s no need for frequent refills throughout the day. Both models offer high production rates of 4.2 gallons per hour, so that no matter which model you choose, your customers can have their favorite drink in just a few seconds.


Daily Maintenance

  • The mixing chambers should be rinsed out at least once every 8 hours using the rinse switch behind the front panel. When this short procedure is not completed after 12 hours, the hoppers with not dispense until it a rinse cycle is performed.
  • The drip tray should be removed at the end of each business day, washed using a mild detergent, dried, and replaced.

Periodic Maintenance

  • On a weekly basis, remove the mixing chambers, hoppers, augers, and all related components and wash each of them by hand with a mild detergent. They should be sanitized with a food-grade sanitizer and dried before being returned to the machine.
  • When using powders with a dairy base, the cleaning process above should be completed daily.
  • The front display can also be removed if and when you need to replace the internal light bulbs.



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