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Coffee Bar Gift Set

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Package Includes
1x Monin Syrup 750 ml Glass Bottle $14.95
6x Plain White Espresso Cups $12.00
6x Plain White Espresso Saucers $10.20
6x Plain White Latte Cups $12.60
6x Plain White Latte Saucers $11.40
1x I Love Coffee! $14.99
1x Dual Espresso Scoop $8.99
2x Bodum Yohki Glass Jar w/ Stainless Steel Lid $39.90
1x Lavazza Qualita Oro 100% Arabica Medium Roast Ground Coffee $7.99
1x Lavazza Dek Decaf Espresso Whole Bean Coffee $12.65
1x Lavazza Gold Selection Espresso $26.49
1x Lavazza Pienaroma Espresso Blend $23.99
Value: $196.15



Do you have someone who loves to entertain on your list? Then give them a hand with the Coffee Bar Gift Set. We’ve assembled everything they’ll need – from syrups to cups, coffees to recipes – to turn their espresso machine into the neighborhood café. This is the ideal gift for any barista on your list. Please, no substitutions.

Package includes:


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