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Concordia 2500i Coffee System

By: Concordia

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Suitable Environment

NSF Certification Mark


The 2500s must be plugged into a compatible 200-240-volt outlet, and professional installation is required. This ensures that the warranty will not be jeopardized by improper set-up, and ensures safety. Training is included with purchase of this machine, as is programming; however, all questions on warranty information are directed to Concordia. You should also consult with your plumber or contractor, as well as your code enforcement officer on the following installation guidelines at the time of purchase.

Installation fees are not included in the price of this machine. For installation costs, please click here.

Suitable Environment

Suitable Environment

The Concordia 2500i Super automatic espresso machine is perfect for moderate to high volume locations. It’s up to you whether this machine will be attended or self-serve, as the machine is versatile enough to handle either. Great places for the 2500i include university settings, employee break rooms, restaurants, buffets, and airport waiting areas. With the Concordia 2500i super auto, an excellent location, top-notch machine, and quality ingredients combine to brew success.


Concordia’s 2500i has a photo-enhanced touchpad with descriptive captions, so customers always know exactly what kind of drink they’re ordering. Customers begin at “Step One,” where they can select “extra shot,” “large cup,” “decaf,” and/or “nonfat.” “Step Two” is where they select their drink – “caffe latte,” “cappuccino,” “americano,” or “espresso.” Each choice of beverage has a clear, colorful picture and caption. Beneath each caption is a “start” button, which brews the desired beverage. With only 2 steps, customers are sure to order with ease and leave satisfied. The 2500i automatically dispenses hot water, steamed milk, and foamed milk too – great for tea, hot cocoa, or warm cereals.



  • A photo-enhanced touchpad simplifies customer choices.
  • The Concordia 2500i can brew caffe lattes, cappuccinos, americanos or espresso, with the following variations: extra shot, large, decaf, and/or non-fat.
  • An integrated milk system holds 2 single gallon milk containers, giving customers the option of regular or non-fat milk.
  • The high-capacity tinted bean hoppers keep beans fresh, and any brand of beans can be used. 2 bean hoppers allow you to offer regular and decaf blends.
  • Besides brewing different beverages, the 2500i can also dispense hot water, steamed milk, or foamed milk automatically.
  • The Concordia 2500i is easy to use, so it’s ideal for self-serve or attended business environments.
  • A “self-clean” cycle runs when no beverages are being made, ensuring every drink has the freshest taste.
  • The simple daily cleaning process takes only 10 minutes per day.
  • NSF approval ensures compliance with safety regulations.
  • Dimensions
    • 36”H x 23.5”W x 26.6”D

Feature Details

Photo-Enhanced Touchpad

When customers look at the 2500i, they know immediately what their options are thanks to the clear captions and photos that accompany the drink choices. With the touch of a single button, customers can create 4 different espresso drinks. And, since this machine is built for simplicity, there is little training required for attendants operating the 2500i automatic machine.

Integrated Milk System

There’s no separate refrigeration unit required, as an on-board milk system keeps your milk cold and fresh at all times. The milk system can hold 2 single gallon milk jugs, and the 2500i froths and steams automatically into waiting cups.

Tinted Bean Hoppers

Tinted bean hoppers prevent your coffee beans from the damaging effects of light, while allowing you to monitor levels easily. 2 separate bean hoppers give you the option of serving both regular and decaf without having to change around settings or swap out the hoppers.

Automatic Milk and Hot Water Dispenser

The Concordia 2500i can also dispense foamed milk, steamed milk, or hot water automatically. This is a great feature if you plan on offering tea, hot cocoa, or warm cereals to diversify your menu. It cuts down on wait time, and is less work for a server in a convenience store or restaurant.


Daily Maintenance

  • When no beverages are being made, the 2500i performs a “self-clean” cycle to rinse out the brewing and frothing components to keep beverages tasting fresh.
  • It’s necessary to clean the machine daily, but the simple cleaning process takes only 10 minutes.


Installation Guidelines Diagrams

Download Pre-Installation Checklist PDF Here

Electrical Specifications

  • Available voltage
    • 200-240 volt
  • Circuit Breaker Requirements
    • 30 amp

Plumbing Requirements

  • 3/4” indirect drain



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