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Convex 58mm Stainless Steel Tamper

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Perfect your tamp with this stylish 58mm Commercial Tamper. Made of durable polished stainless steel, these tampers feature a convex bottom and translucent accents in your choice of clear, blue or red.


RandomBob asked:

Can anyone describe the advantages or differences of a convex tamper vs. flat?  I use a flat tamper with my Gaggia classic and get good results. But there are many convex tampers out there, so there must be some advantage?

Answer by Erik:

The difference between convex and flat tampers is really a user preference question.  Some people say convex will give you a more even puck to prevent channeling but everyone has an opion on the matter and I see little difference between the two.

Answer by RandomBob:

Thanks Erik,

I ordered the convex tamper, so I'll find out soon which I prefer!


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