David Schomer's Vivace Dolce Espresso Coffee

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David Schomer's Vivace Dolce Espresso Coffee blend has been created to offer the most complex and balanced flavor possible and is superbly suited for single-shot espresso and ristretto drinks. Intense emphasis on research and experimentation has led to the creation of a roasting protocol where the beans are slowly roasted to develop a sweet caramel nature in the cup. The roasting process is tuned to develop coffee flavors to the fullest--then quickly stopped before the oils can "sweat" on the surface of the bean.

Vivace Dolce Espresso features a heavy red-gold crema with a sweet floral presence, balanced with a rich note of chocolate and a complex, sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

Sold in 12oz Bags of Whole Bean Coffee

Please Note: This coffee is shipped 3-day air directly from the roaster to ensure freshness, and cannot be shipped internationally.


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