ECM Casa V and S-Manuale 64 Grinder

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ECM Casa V Espresso Machine


The Casa V from ECM is the premier semi-automatic machine, and we’re happy to say it’s best-in-class under $1000. German design and Italian craft reflect in the clean, exquisite construction expected from ECM, inside and out.
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ECM S-Manuale 64 Espresso Grinder


The S-Manuale 64 from ECM is one of the most powerful grinders on the market for its price-point, featuring a set of 64mm stainless steel burrs and a powerful 450 watt motor to put it ahead of the competition.
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The smallest entry in ECM's line of home espresso machines, the Casa V packs powerful brewing components in an elegant package. Under 9\" wide, the Casa V is one of the most capable single boiler machines on the market with remarkable temperature stability, heat up times, and aesthetics. For additional control, brew pressure can be adjusted via the OPV with a quick turn of the screw on top of the machine.

A powerful home grinder with looks to match, the S-Manuale 64 is the perfect companion to the Casa V. With 64mm burrs and a 300 watt motor, it offers performance and control for pulling shot after perfect shot of espresso. Stepless grind adjustment with a worm gear means easy calibrating with just your thumb and forefinger.

ECM Casa V: Insulated Brass Boiler, Brew Pressure Gauge, 5-7 Minute Heat Up Time, 1 Minute Steam Heat Up, Balanced Portafilter, OPV Pressure Adjustment

ECM S-Manuale 64: Push and Grind Operation, 64mm Stainless Steel Burrs, 450W Motor, Infinite Grind Settings, Worm Gear Grind Adjustment, Less Than 17"


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