ECM Technika IV Profi & Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A

ECM Technika IV Profi & Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A

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ECM Technika IV Profi Switchable Espresso Machine


The ECM Technika IV Profi is a heat exchange machine made with the best parts available for results that impress. The Technika IV Profi's switchable water source and ECM's innovative design make this espresso machine a staple consideration on the prosumer market.
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Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Espresso Grinder

By: Mazzer

The Mazzer Mini Type A is an electronic, fully programmable, 64mm burr grinder, that is capable of grinding manually or, at the press of a button, a single or double shot. Its polished finish and easy operation make it a must have companion for any prosumer.
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Described by ECM as the \"Rolls-Royce" of espresso machines, the Technika IV Profi deserves considerable praise for both its build quality and performance. From the inside out this machine impresses with its copper water lines and one-piece steel frame. The 2.1 liter stainless steel heat-exchange boiler is designed for heat retention and corrosion resistance while the rotary pump guarantees near-silent brewing and allows the machine to be plumbed directly into a water line.

Mazzer's Mini Electronic grinder helped to redefine home espresso grinding. With a powerful 250 Watt motor and a set of 64mm burrs made from 100% Swedish hardened steel, its well earned reputation certainly precedes it. For convenient, repeatable grinding, the Mini Electronic features an easy to program, LED interface with two timed grinding buttons. At 22 lbs, this beauty punches above its weight class, housed in die cast aluminum.

ECM Technika IV Profi: Heat Exchange Boiler, Rotary Pump, Pump and Boiler Pressure Gauges, One-Piece Internal Steel Framework, Water Line Adaptable

Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A: Powerful 250W Motor, 64mm Hardened Steel Burrs, Programmable Timed Grinding, Die Cast Aluminum Frame, 1600 RPM Operation, 1lb Short Bean Hopper, Stepless Grind Adjustment, LED Grinding Display