ECM Technika IV & Quamar M80 Timer in Black

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ECM Technika IV Espresso Machine


The ECM Technika IV espresso machine seamlessly combines form and function. From the outside, you'll be drawn to the curved stainless steel housing, front-mounted pressure gauges, and custom grouphead, but it is what you're not seeing that rounds out the entire package. The Technika IV's commercial grade internal co...
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Quamar M80 Dosing Espresso Grinder with Timer in Black

By: Quamar

The Quamar M80 Timer is commercial quality, capable of dispensing up to 60 seconds worth of grounds into its large doser with the twist of a dial. It features 63mm burrs, a 450 watt motor, and the grind is adjustable across 60 settings, so you can easily dial it in for any brew method.
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We've combined the the savings and power of ECM's Technika IV with the Quamar M80 Timer Grinder in black for a package that delivers both prosumer power and savings. The Technika IV boasts a powerful 2.1 liter copper boiler with a heat exchanger that allows you to brew and steam at the same time. Built with a grind timer, the Quamar's M80 Timer Grinder can be adjusted to grind in durations between 0 and 60 seconds and sports 60 stepped micro adjustments for precision grinding.


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