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Gaggia Platinum Vision with Milk Island

By: Gaggia
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Package Includes
1x Gaggia Platinum Milk Island Automatic Milk Frother $129.00
1x Gaggia Platinum Vision Super-Automatic Espresso Machine $1,299.00
Value: $1,428.00



The Gaggia Platinum Vision uses a Rapid Steam boiler system, utilizing a stainless steel boiler so you can switch back and forth between brewing and steaming in mere moments, without lengthy cool down or heat up time in between. This system provides the power behind each shot of espresso, fine tuning and perfecting the temperature. As for the water pressure, the Gaggia Platinum Vision provides a maximum of 15 bars of pressure, more than what you’ll need to pull each shot.

Because the Gaggia Platinum Vision isn’t about getting what you need—it’s about getting what you want, and what you deserve. As you choose and program your beverage using the black and white touch screen, remember this: luxury is the true heart of espresso. This super-automatic machine comes with a One Year Extended Warranty.


Milk Island

The Gaggia Milk Island connects to the steam system, foaming and steaming milk up to 13.5 oz of milk a latte or cappuccino. Turn the steam knob located on the side of the machine to the milk island setting, and the machine automatically froths and steams milk.

Features and Benefits: Coffee


Simplicity and essential lines – that’s how Gaggia describes the design of their Platinum Vision machine. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the large touch screen; below this screen is the coffee dispenser and Espresso Plus System beverage strength dial. To the left of this dispenser is the steam wand with Panarello frothing attachment, and to the right of the touch screen is a cup icon and arrows for raising and lowering the cup tray. The Gaggia Platinum Vision rests on a revolving plate, so you can turn it to reach the side or back of the machine – almost like a lazy Susan.

Touch Screen

The large black and white touch screen shows three cups for small espresso, medium coffee, and large coffee, and in the top left corner displays a steam icon. Below the cups are the words “explain icons,” a clock, and “go to menu.” If you press “explain icons,” the icons are replaced with words, so it will say “small coffee” “medium coffee” “large coffee” and “steam wand.” Pressing the clock allows you to change the clock settings. Pressing “go to menu” takes you to the programming menu, where you can set features such as language, temperature, coffee dose, display, time, view the number of drinks made, and perform cleaning functions.


To brew, press the cup corresponding to the type of coffee you want. If you want two of that drink, press the button twice – the machine will show two cups, then brew and dispense your preferred beverage. If you change your mind while the machine is brewing, press the words “coffee stop” that appear on screen while the machine is brewing, and your beverage will stop dispensing.

Rapid Steam Boiler System

The Rapid Steam boiler system reduces the wait time between coffee and steam delivery to just a few seconds, while the stainless steel boiler retains heat and resists wear. By cutting out the down time between brewing and steaming, the Rapid Steam boiler system allows you to deliver the beverage you want, when you want it.

Ceramic Burr Grinder

The ceramic burr grinder results in a consistent, static-free grind – and it works quietly. Insert beans into the sealable bean hopper, which holds 8.8 oz of beans. This clear plastic hopper allows you to monitor the bean levels easily, and the machine will alert you with a “add coffee beans” message when the hopper runs low. Each time you brew, the Gaggia Platinum Vision grinds beans for that shot, ensuring the freshest taste. The grind setting can be adjusted between coarse, medium, and fine using the included grinder adjustment tool.

Bypass Doser

The bypass doser is convenient for when you or your guests prefer a blend other than what is already in the hopper. Just open up the bypass doser, the circular shoot within the bean hopper, and measure out a scoop your ground coffee using the included spoon. Select “pre-ground coffee” in the programming menu as detailed in your product manual, and brew as you normally would.

Opti-Dose System

You can customize the amount of espresso per shot from 7 – 10.5 grams by pressing the icon of the beverage you wish to adjust for two seconds, then select the quantity of coffee to be ground. From now on, this new dosage will be indicated on the touch screen by a difference in the darkness of the cup – if the cup is at its darkest color, the brew will be stronger, and if it it is lighter, the brew will be milder.

Espresso Plus System

A dial located on the coffee dispenser allows you to adjust the body and intensity of each drink, even while it’s brewing. Leave the dial pointed to the center for a regular strength drink, but turn it to the left for a more mild brew or to the right for a stronger one.

Cup Lift

Your cups rest on a height-adjustable drip tray, which can be raised or lowered electronically using the arrow buttons to the right of the touch screen. Remember to empty and clean the cup tray daily with running water.

Active Cup Warmer

The electrically heated stainless steel cup warmer means that you can display your demitasse cups whenever you want. Brewing espresso into a warm cup preserves the temperature, and the crema, better than brewing into a cold cup, so if you choose not to warm your cups on the cup warmer, remember to rinse them with hot water before brewing. Your cup warming settings can be changed in the programming menu to always on, always off, or off while in stand-by.

Features and Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water

Pannarello Frothing Wand

The Gaggia Platinum Vision’s frothing wand rotates out, so you can froth and steam with ease. The Pannarello attachment makes frothing and steaming even easier, especially if you’re just beginning. To steam, press the steam icon. This takes you to the steam/hot water menu – press the word “steam” in the top right corner of the screen, and open the steam knob located on the left side of the machine to the steam icon. Steam will begin dispensing. When you have your desired amount, close the steam wand and exit out of the steam menu. Remember to wipe down the steam wand with a damp cloth after using it to prevent milk residue buildup.

Hot Water

Your frothing wand also doubles as a hot water dispenser for tea, a café americano, or hot cocoa. Enter the steam menu by pressing on the steam icon, but instead of pressing the word “steam” press the words “hot water” right under the word “steam.” Open the steam knob to the steam icon, and hot water will be dispensed – close the steam knob and exit out of the steam menu when you’re done.

Features and Benefits: Care, Maintenance & Other

Water System with Aqua Prima Water Filter

The removable water reservoir holds 57 oz of water, and is located on the left side of the machine for easy access – you’ll know it’s running low when the words “fill water tank” appear on screen. The Aqua Prima water filter located inside your reservoir prevents impurities in your tap water from altering the taste of your drink, as well as increases the length of time between descaling cycles. When the filter needs to be replaced, the words “change water filter” appear, and when your machine needs to be descaled, the word “descale” will appear on screen.

Removable Brew Group

It’s a good idea to clean the brew group weekly – open the door on the right side of the machine to remove the brew group, and rinse it with running lukewarm water. Once it dries, you can replace it. After about 500 brewing cycles, Gaggia recommends lubricating it with the included oil before replacing.

Internal Drip Tray and Internal Coffee Ground Container

When the display screen reads “empty coffee grounds drawer,” open the side door to remove and empty the coffee grounds container. It holds 14 spent pucks, but make sure you remove it when the machine is on – otherwise it won’t record that the container was emptied. When the screen reads “empty drip tray,” open the side door to access the internal drip tray under the brew group. This is distinct from the drip tray located on the front of the machine – the external drip tray prevents spills from reaching your counter tops, while the internal drip tray catches water left over from the brewing cycle. You’ll know the external drip tray needs to be emptied when the water level indicator rises.

Included Accessories

The Gaggia Platinum Vision comes with an Aqua Prima water filter, a measuring scoop for the bypass doser, a water hardness testing strip, a key for adjusting the caliber of the grinder, oil for the brew group, and an electrical cable.


Bob asked:

We have had our Gaggia Platinum Vision for several years and had no problems.  I did notice this morning when I turned it on, that the unit took a very long time to warm up.  Plus my wife just called and said that the unit shut it self down later on.  I clean the unit weekly.  Told her to check the GFI wall switch (which was fine), but told her to reset anyway.  Unit came on normally and heated up fine.  Just checking, because if it happens once it could happen again. 

Answer by Sanfam:

While it's possible the GFCI breaker tripped because of an unrelated issue, you can't necesssarily rule out a problem with the espresso machine.  Definitely keep an eye on it, as a repeat of the issue would seem to suggest a problem with the machine.  While it's difficult to pin down, the problem could also with another appliance on the same circuit as this machine; An issue causing a high-load on the circuit could drop the mains voltage to a point where it's too low to effectively heat its boiler.   

Answer by Bob:

Thank You for the response.  I think it was a Duh moment.  We have the machine located in the corner on the cabinet and need to move it to empty the grounds drawer and fill the water tank.  I discovered that the electircal cord had worked itself out somewhat.  Since then the machine has worked fine.

Aaron asked:

I have had my Gaggia Platinum vision for years now and have pulled thousands of espressos.  I really love this thing.  However, over the last year or so, more and more water has started to drip from the steam wand during espresso brewing.  I opened it up and replaced the orings on the piston for the steam valve but that didn't fix it.  It seems like it must be some other valve where the water is directed to steam or brew that must not be sealing off properly.  Any ideas on how to fix it / which part to replace?

Answer by Sanfam:

While the steam valve is one point where the path of water is decided, leakage from there would actually indicate that a valve just barely upstream, termed the "Blowdown Valve," has developed a leak.  This valve directs the flow of water between the brew unit and the steam circuit/steam path selector valve.  A rebuild kit for this valve can be found here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/Gaggia/gaggia-20000591.cfm

Jeff asked:

I purchased a Gaggia Platinum Vision on 2/28/13 and have taken care of it according to the manual using Gaggia Decalcificante and Gaggia Coffee Clean. This morning a pool of water ends up on the counter and no espresso or coffee comes out of the spout. I can get hot water from the wand fine, it is only a problem with the espresso, coffee, or long coffee coming out. I tried cleaning again with the Gaggia Coffee Clean, and I get a little of the Coffee Clean product out of the spout, but mostly water on the counter.
Please Advise.


Answer by techkathy:

I would recommend sending the machine in for a repair. It sounds like the steam valve is not closing completely or not sealing completely. Call us or go on to your account online to set up a repair order.

Janice asked:

We just un-boxed our new Gaggia Platinum Vision. I am concerned with the steam knob. It feels loose and is quite wobbly. Is this normal?

Answer by techkathy:

Janice - is it possible for you to take a photo or send a short video of the knob to support@wholelattelove.com? It can help us determine if there is an issue with the knob or if it is normal.

Nenad asked:

I have a new unit that was working great until just now. When I press the espresso/coffee/or long coffee shot button on the screen, the unit goes through all the machinations but water comes out at steam tube.
Any suggestions?

Answer by techkathy:

Nenad - is the steam knob closed? Have you descaled the machine recently?


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