Gimme! Coffee Blends Package - DISCONTINUED

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Lavazza Espresso Coffee Sampler Pack

By: Lavazza

Variety is the spice of life and these whole bean roasts each add their own distinctive personality. The three-bag package includes one 2.2 lb bag of Lavazza Gold Selection, one 2.2 lb bag of Gran Riserva and one 2.2 lb bag of Lavazza Top Class Espresso. Includes 3 2.2lb bags of Lavazza whole bean espresso. Gold Se...
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Taste of Italy Espresso Sampler

By: Lavazza

Sample three of our favorite Italian Espresso Coffees with our Taste of Italy Espresso Sampler. Enjoy three blends from Maromas, Lavazza, and Filicori Zecchini.
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Sample three of Gimme!'s blended coffees with our Blends Package. This bundle includes their Mocha Java, Piccolo Mondo, and Natural Blend coffees. Each of these coffees can be prepared for a wide range brewing methods from drip to espresso and roasted in Ithaca New York.


Includes three 12oz bags of coffee


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