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Bodum Unbreakable Chambord Coffee Press 3 Cup

By: Bodum

The Bordum Chambord is the first French press Bodum introduced to the market, inspired by Normandy craftsmen.
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Hario Mini-Mill Slim Plastic Coffee Grinder

By: Hario

The Hario Mini Mill coffee grinder is hand powered and portable, ideal for those who prefer their joe on the go.
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Maromas Kaffeehaus Whole Bean Drip Coffee

By: Maromas Coffees

The Maromas Signature Filter Coffee. It brews highly aromatic yet at the same time delicate and not too overpowering. Medium low acidity renders this coffee flavourful and fragrant with an excellent body. Balance is the secret to this delightful coffee. A harmonious balance exists between different and contrasting s...
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Product Description

The French Press is an easy yet personal way to prepare and enjoy drip coffee. Fresh grinding, steeping, and plunging comprise an intimate ritual that produces a richer, fuller-bodied cup of coffee. To assist with that, we’ve come up with an ideal pairing of grinder and press to get you started.


The Press


Glass is beautiful, and like most beautiful things, it’s also pretty fragile. Looking to remedy that dissonance, Bodum designed an unbreakable version of their classic Chambord Press for a perfect balance of form and function. With a 12oz capacity, the shatterproof carafe is the perfect serving vessel for freshly brewed coffee. The stainless steel frame and filter rod are similarly designed for longevity, guaranteeing faithful brewing for years to come.


The Grinder


Hario’s Mini-Mill is a hand-powered coffee grinder, ideal for portability (especially when paired with an unbreakable, travel-safe press). With a pair of ceramic burrs, the grinder can hold up to two cups worth of ground coffee in its clear grinding chamber. To prevent stray beans and bits from flying out during operation, the hopper comes with a plastic lid, so you can grind your coffee while you pace the kitchen, waiting for your water to boil.


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