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H2O for Espresso Dual Cartridge Water Filter

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Product Detail

The H20 for Espresso water conditioning system is an essential component for all commercial espresso machines, with a design that reduces total dissolved solids and diminishes chlorine taste in your water supply. The unique system combines water softening and carbon filtration to maintain crucial water flavor and texture while preventing aggressive water that can corrode your machine.

Product Detail

  • Removes 2400 grains of hardness per softening cartridge
  • Neutralizes pH levels
  • Reduces TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Diminishes chlorine taste and odor
  • Won’t over-strip water
  • Can be purchased for carbon filtration only
  • Professional installation available


doug asked:

where are the replacement elements? prices and specs? Can't find
Thanks Doug

Answer by mjackson:


We talked on the phone these filters are no available through Cuno Filters a division of 3M.


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