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Handpresso Auto

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Espresso goes mobile with the Handpresso Auto. Unlike other Handpresso espresso makers, which are manually powered, the Auto is designed to be plugged into a standard 12-volt car socket. Plug it in just as you would a cell phone charger or GPS navigation system. The innovative design makes economical use of every volt to generate the 16 bars necessary to produce authentic espresso on the go. Roughly the size of an insulated travel mug, the Handpresso Auto has a stainless steel filter basket and portafilter that are compatible with ESE pods. It even comes equipped with a 1.79 fl. oz. water reservoir and temperature gauge. Essentially this is a compact, yet fully functional, espresso maker. To brew, simply add water and an ESE pod of your choosing. Press the brew button to extract fresh espresso. You’ll hear three beeps. Upon the last beep, your espresso is complete. To the other side of the on button is a stop button that will let you halt the extraction process. This smart espresso maker is also equipped with a safety mechanism that will prevent the brew button from being activated if the device is not turned over and in the proper position to dispense espresso. When not in use, the power cord can be wrapped around the Handpresso Auto and held in place for easy storage. Please note: For your safety, the Handpresso Auto should only be used when your car is parked or pulled over.


Additional Features

  • Voltage - 12 V DC
  • Power - 140 watts
  • 1.94 lbs
  • Sturdy, travel friendly construction
  • Fits most cup holders


Does it come with ESE pods?

Answer by Erik:

No, this machine does not come with any ESE pods

Tim asked:

I just received my auto handpresso and cant seem to get it to work. either in my car or home. It wont pump or heat up.


Answer by Richard Bucholtz:

My guess is that the outlet you have it plugged in to is not powered unless your car ignition is on.  Also check to make sure that when you put the top back on that the lines are corectly lined up.  There is a little troubleshooting brochure that comes in the box.  See if there is any ideas there that may help you.  I had no problem with mine.  If the light on the plug comes on there should be power there and everything should be a go.

Chevere asked:

Wow! My harley has a 12V receptical, but a battery smaller than a car. Can I use this with my Harley? I'm concerned about the battery drain. How many watts does this consume per espresso?

Answer by techkathy:

Edward - Click on the link below for the manufacturers specifications. They list the unit at 140 Watts


Answer by DanielCulver:

Edward, the power requirement should be matched by your Harley easy enough; the real question is, can it provide that power long enough to complete the cycle of making your coffee and have enough left to start your bike? This is more difficult to answer. Manufacturers have been using increasingly shorter cycle batteries to help the car or bike start faster and smoother. The downside is the ability for the battery to power accessories without the vehicle running. All I think you can do, is take a chance and buy it. Then test it in your driveway to see if your bikes battery can handle it. You can always brew with the engine running, if that is the only way. Just don't try it while riding. ;)

Answer by Richard Bucholtz:

Edward...I have a 2011 Electra Glide Ultra and my bike is the first place I tried this out in and it works perfect.  I made four espresso's for some friends on this past weekends ride and had no problem.  My bike started just fine after making the four of them.

Thomas asked:

Is there a 110 adaptor for using it in a hotel room.

Answer by mjackson:

At this time it is only available with the car adapter.

Answer by Terry:

There are plenty of compact 110V to 12V adapters available - that's what I plan to do - check Amazon & just make sure you get one powerful enough for 140 Watts

Answer by paul:

Unfortunately, the nominal 11-12 amp draw is tough to find in a 110VAC-12VDC power supply. Even if a relatively-common 10A supply would work (possible), they are not particularly cheap (~$40+), portable (have an onboard cooling fan), nor ready (still need to add a car socket adapter). For hotel room, probably better to think Handpresso Wild, find an acceptable hot water source.

Answer by Frank:

Thomas, If you check the Handpresso.com website in UK you will see the have a 240v to 12v adapter. 240 v is what they use. So if well hound them

enough, maybe they will make one for 110v. I have a touring bike - Goldwing I plan to use it on, but I also need it for the hotel. I usually go nuts looking

for the closest Starbucks, sometimes it's a mess.

Answer by Richard Bucholtz:

Thomas...I bought a Schumacher Model 1216 power converter at our local Farm and Fleet store and it works great.  Only 2 pounds and not very big so very easy to carry.  Here is a link to where I bought mine.  http://www.farmandfleet.com/products/756193-schumacher-15a-200w-power-converter.html?utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase&gclid=CjwKEAjw77OhBRCJ7Onfp_HNtwYSJACZqHAWsnyJ40Jz2tyFwyg-_5T0miCgWTbRD67aHHomH2RuwxoCuLDw_wcB#.VC2D5r5vbwQ

NightowlJan asked:

Can this use grounds too? ..or just E.S.E. pods?

Answer by Mary Ann:

It will take the E.S.E. pods. There are many different pods available!

Answer by paul:

It's certainly not designed to work with grounds. Even if you were sufficiently motivated to diy a method (I did so with the Wild, similarly off-design), I cannot imagine futzing with the setup, or managing the mess, during a pitstop. Anyway, if you're not grinding on-the-spot, any potential taste deficit of a high-quality pod would vanish.


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