Joe Bean Peru Freddy Bermeo

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Joe Bean Espresso Blend

By: Joe Bean

Developed in collaboration between Joe Bean and Whole Latte Love, the exclusive Espresso Blend combines coffees from Peru and Colombia. Single-origin beans from the Peruvian Freddy Bermeo farm meet community sourced Colombian Azahar for a blend with notes of cherry, peach, caramel, and chocolate. Roasted locally in ...
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Joe Bean's Peru Freddy Bermeo is a 100% Arabica blend that lights the senses with notes of nectarine, plum, apple, allspice, and cinnamon. From the eponymous Freddy Bermeo, this coffee finds its origins in his San Pedro de Churuyacu farm in Northern Peru, grown at an altitude just over 5900 feet. The Churuyacu region boasts some of the best growing areas in the country, allowing for Farmer Freddy Bermeo to deliver a very particular flavor.

Sold in 12oz Bags of Whole Bean Coffee


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