Capresso H2O Glass Water Kettle

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Breville BKE595XL the Crystal Clear Kettle

By: Breville

Complete Your Set-Up with the Breville BKE595XL Kettle A powerful 1800 watt heating element quickly boils water in this stylish, German glass kettle. The Breville Crystal Clear is a 57 oz glass jug that sits atop a brushed stainless steel base. For safety’s sake, once the water begins to boil an auto shut off kicks ...
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Breville BKE720BSS the Temp Select

By: Breville

Complete Your Set-Up with the Breville BKE720BSS Temp Select The Breville Temp Select is your 7-cup capacity all-in-one option for brewing tea and French Press. Designed to include temperature profiles for green tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, and French Press, you won't need to be an expert to enjoy the drin...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Capresso H2O Glass Water Kettle

An essential appliance for the tea drinker on-the-go, the Capresso H2O Glass Water Kettle quickly brings up to 48 oz of water to a boil. The kettle itself is made of heat resistant Schott glass and features a “stay cool” handle for easy pouring. The silver metallic or chrome finish on the lid and handle give the Capresso H2O a modern feel, while the black base and cord let it match almost any kitchen décor. To turn the machine on, just push the switch on the handle up until the blue indicator light illuminates. The heating element, covered by a stainless steel dome, will automatically shut off once the water reaches its boiling point, ensuring safe operation and handling. Whether you need water for tea, instant soup, or hot chocolate, the Capresso H2O Glass Water Kettle offers the ultimate in convenience. The H2O Glass Kettle is available with a silver metallic or polished chrome finish.


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