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Capresso H2O Glass Water Kettle

By: Capresso

Complete Your Set-Up with the Capresso H2O Glass Water Kettle An essential appliance for the tea drinker on-the-go, the Capresso H2O Glass Water Kettle quickly brings up to 48 oz of water to a boil. The kettle itself is made of heat resistant Schott glass and features a “stay cool” handle for easy pouring. The silve...
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Breville BKE595XL the Crystal Clear Kettle

By: Breville

Complete Your Set-Up with the Breville BKE595XL Kettle A powerful 1800 watt heating element quickly boils water in this stylish, German glass kettle. The Breville Crystal Clear is a 57 oz glass jug that sits atop a brushed stainless steel base. For safety’s sake, once the water begins to boil an auto shut off kicks ...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Capresso Temperature Control Tea C100

No other kettle gives you the precise temperature control for exact perfect brewing of your Black, Oolong, White or Green teas. The easy to lift and pour heat resistant German made SCHOTT glass carafe has a 48oz capacity and is drip proof. It lifts easily off of the power base so it can be controlled with either hand by the large cool-touch handle with its slip-free textured underside for serving with no power cord in the way. The Capresso Temperature Control Tea C100 Water Kettle offers speed, energy efficiency and safety. It can boil water in nearly half the time as a stove-top kettle saving energy. Its safety features include boil-dry protection which shuts the unit off when no water is detected, automatic safety shut-off when water has reached the desired temperature and automatic shut-off when kettle is removed from base. The C100 has a heat resistant, cool-touch bottom which allows for placement directly on a table or countertop for easy portability and serving.

The concealed heating element is covered in stainless steel for very long life, and there is boil-dry protection with safety shut-off built into the controls so you won’t damage the element if the water level is too low. The powerful 1500 Watt heater provides a fast quiet boil. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Capresso Tea C100 Temperature Controlled Water Kettle is the large illuminated control knob on the power base with very clear markings for settings at 100° for warming, 160° for Green tea, 175° for White tea, 195° for Oolong tea, and 212° for Black tea. To extract the best flavor from your tea leaves it is important to learn the proper steeping temperature and time for the specific type of tea you will be brewing. Black and herbal teas are best brewed at boiling, 212°F while green, white and oolong teas are brewed at lower temperatures. Each tea also has a specific amount of time that the tea leaves should be in contact with the water.


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