Kimbo Decaffeinato Whole Bean Espresso

Kimbo Decaffeinato Whole Bean Espresso

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Lavazza Dek Filtro Whole Bean Decaf Coffee

By: Lavazza

Lavazza’s Dek Filtro is a medium roast whole bean decaf coffee that has been blended for preparation in coffee makers with notes of toasted cereals and oak.
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Danesi Caffe Espresso Decaffeinated Whole Bean Coffee in Bags

By: Danesi Caffe

Danesi Caffe Espresso Decaffeinated Coffee is blended and roasted in Rome Italy of washed Arabica and Robusta coffees carefully selected to create a robust espresso with a rich flavor. It is made using the natural Swiss water system-based decaffeination process which preserves critical flavoring elements and maintai...
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A premium decaf coffee that preserves the aroma and flavor of a true espresso, Kimbo's Decaffeinato blend is perfect for enjoying throughout the day. Kimbo uses the CO2 method to remove caffeine from the coffee before roasting, which is a more natural and recyclable decaffeinating process. The medium roast combines a sweet finish and a medium body for a perfect cup without the caffeine.

Available in 1.1lb Bags